About Global Inheritance

Inspiring Others To Think Creatively In Solving World Issues

Born in 2002, Global Inheritance is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization working to empower individuals worldwide to think and act creatively in solving global issues. Our unique initiatives focus on the power of creativity to communicate issues with audiences that need a kick in the butt.

Through technology, the arts and interactivity, Global Inheritance reinvents activism by inspiring people to act responsibly and make the right small every-day choices, which are the ones that matter and create change.

What People Say About Global Inheritance

“I love Global Inheritance for the approach they have made to dealing with an unfashionable subject. It is really hard to sustain interest in a subject that is permanently a worry. Global Inheritance is doing that, particularly with a new generation who may actually care about their future.”—
Harvey Goldsmith - CBE/Live Aid Co-Founder

“Eric is really intelligent in the way that he brings together the arts, technology, and the accessibility to all generations. . . . At Coachella, they innovated the 10-for-1 Bottle Exchange, which is now becoming a best practice at music festivals internationally. The diversion rate—the amount of waste that we divert from the landfill—is highest at the events that we’ve had Eric and his team.”—
Jennifer Regan - Manager of Sustainability Programs/AEG Sustainability


"Time and again, Focus Features has collaborated with Global Inheritance to develop alternative programs to reach audiences that desire important films. Global Inheritance represents the individuals who are making a positive difference in society today”—
Kyle Thorpe - Vice President of Publicity/Focus Features

“Global Inheritance doesn't require being a vegan . . . . It doesn't mean driving a hybrid car . . . . And it isn't lecturing or preaching to those who don't live the stereotypical green lifestyle. What makes Ritz's brand of activism different—and what fuels his efforts—is that unlike earlier generations of social advocates, Ritz said he and his Generation Y audience don't see big business as the enemy.”—
Abigail Gold - Los Angeles Times

"The TRASHed Recycling Store is a great solution that allows festivals and event producers to create an incentive-based program for people to recycle”—Stephen Rehage - Producer and Owner/Voodoo Music Experience